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Google Launches New Fiber Cellphone Provider Employing VoIP – Careers & Use

Google has recently sent out invitations in early February to shoppers to check out out its most recent Google Fiber Cellphone company. Right after just about two months into the trials, the web look for large feels it is now all set to start this most recent cellphone company.

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This new communication company will be dependent on the web link of the user which will get the job done as cellular line or a landline. It will rely on the cloud and that indicates it has to be connected to the web for it to get the job done since it is a VoIP company.

A user can bring the Fiber Cellphone anyplace he goes. It will effectively replace the standard landline which is no for a longer time needed. Nonetheless, the company is not genuinely a landline, since its phone calls are coursed via voice above web protocol (VoIP).

As with fast messaging, anyone connected to the internet can call the user. Google Fiber Cellphone also delivers voicemail, caller ID, 911 and call waiting around.

But it turns into a larger tech landline since it can file, transcribe and ship voice messages through SMS or email. The company also delivers a call monitor, do not disturb features and spam filtering.

Fiber cellphone was launched by the Mountain View, CA-dependent business on Tuesday. Not like its usual choices of high tech-dependent expert services, this present product is reminiscent of the superior aged telephone which utilised landline company.

The tech large said that this landline company will roll out to cities that previously have Fiber web. It would price tag a user $ten for each month to get the company.

A Google Fiber Cellphone gadget is also offered. It seems to be just like a landline-smartphone-remote-in-a person. But it must be bought individually. A Fiber Cellphone box is also offered which functions with present day modern devices.

Given that subscribers can also incorporate this company to their present ideas for only $ten, that indicates they can take pleasure in quick Television furthermore web furthermore landline cellphone at home at the identical time.

أهم الشهادات المعلوماتية التي يجب عليك دراسلتها مع روابط تحميلها باللغة العربية

انت تكون خبيرا في المجال المعلوماتي ، يعني ان تكون دارس للعديد من الشهادات العالمية ! لاتعتقد ان دراستك في المؤسسة كافية إلى ان تجعلك ملم بكل مايهم التقنية او في التخصص الذي تدرسه . لهذا اقدم لك اهم هذه الشهادات مع روابط تحميلها باللغة العربية

روابط تحميل الشهدات من هنا :

الحلقة 1121 :كيف تصنع جهاز للدفاع عن نفسك من أي شخص يحاول الإعتداء عليك بالسلاح !

الحلقة 1120 :طريقة فعالة من اجل إصلاح مشكلة إرتفاع درجة حرارة الهاتف عند الإستخدام الطويل

الحلقة 1119 :شاهد كيف يمكن ان يزج بك في السجن بسبب هاتفك ( الموضوع خطير جدا )

الحلقة 1118 :هكذا ربحت 10 ملايين سنتيم (10 آلاف دولار ) من الانترنت في شهر واحد

الحلقة 1117 : تطبيق أندرويد رائع حصد على ازيد من مليون تحميل !!! جربه سيعجبك

الحلقة 1116 : خلطة سحرية تقوم بإزالة الخدوش من شاشة الهاتف جربها الآن ! مدهش

الحلقة 1115 : سر رائع يهم كل من يستعمل هاتف أندرويد ! تعرف عليه الآن وجربه

الحلقة 1114 :طريقة بسيطة لايعرفها الاغلبية من اجل معرفة بطاقة الذاكرة اصلية او مقلدة

الحلقة 1113 :كيف تحصل على الأنترنت بإستعمال مقبس التيار الكهربائي عوض الويفي

الحلقة 1112 :لعبة مخفية على حسابك في الفيسبوك يمكنك لعبها مع اصدقائك إكتشفها معي !
الحلقة 1111 :هاتفك لايقوم بحذف الصور كما تعتقد ! تأكد بنفسك فالأمر جد خطير
الحلقة 1110 :كيف تميز بين شاحن سامسونغ أصلي و آخر مقلد بلمسة يدك فقط !

الحلقة 1109 :كيف تسرع الانترنت على 3G و 4G والويفي بشكل ملحوظ على هاتفك ! (مضمونة 100%)

الحلقة 1108 :3 أشياء يجب عليك الإبتعاد عن شرائها من الانترنت او قد تندم (تجربة شخصية )

الحلقة 1107 :تطبيق أندرويد غريب وإستعماله اكثر غرابة يجب عليك تجربته على هاتفك

الحلقة 1106 :إصنع بنفسك اقوى Power bank للهاتف يمكنك إستعماله لازيد من 6 مرات

الحلقة 1105 :اشاركك 11 موقع تشكل مصدر تعلمي لأشياء جديدة على الانترنت مواقع ستبهرك

الحلقة 1104 : تعلم كيف تفحص السيارات وتتنبأ بالمشاكل التقنية والميكانيكية قبل وقوعها بالهاتف

الحلقة 1103 : برنامج صغير ورائع يخبرك مالذي يجعل حاسوبك بطيئا (عليك بتجربته)

الحلقة 1102 : كيف تستعمل خدمة الـ VOIP رغما عن انف شركات الإتصال وتتصل بالمجان بدون VPN

الحلقة 1101 : شاهد كيف يمكن توقيف شبكة ويفي عن العمل بدون تطبيقات ولا برامج (جرب بنفسك)

الحلقة 1100 : خطير : إعرف مكان تواجد اي شخص بدون أنترنت (جرب بنفسك مدهش)

الحلقة 1099 : جهاز لم تكن تشاهده إلا في الافلام الان يمكنك إستعماله مع هاتفك اندرويد



The predominant candidate for current trend of multimedia services convergence with mobile/fixed networks and broadcast-interactive applications is the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). IMS entails novel business opportunities for pioneering and emerging multimedia services, such as IPTV and VoIP video call applications. However, this strong commercial interest on this promising convergent IMS environment is balanced by the lack of efficient user/customer-centric network management mechanisms. ADAMANTIUM proposes an IMS-compatible Multimedia Content Management System (MCMS) focused on performing dynamic cross layer adaptations for optimization of the user experience in terms of perceptual quality for IPTV and VoIP services. This multimodal management system will be applied in an integrated and coherent way along all the network layers and delivery-chain nodes based on a user/customer-centric approach rather than a typical engineering one. Towards this, the proposed management system will make use of advanced IMS-compatible PQoS and NQoS monitoring and adaptation mechanisms across the network delivery-chain, enhancing in this way the current IMS management functions by providing perceptual awareness to them. ADAMANTIUM MCMS will be implemented and demonstrated on an actual IMS platform installed over a UMTS access network, where VoIP-based and IPTV applications over IMS services will be provided.


Small business Decision Awards 2016: VoIP – Personal computer Journal

Even in the age of texting, voice phone calls are an significant element of just about just about every enterprise. Though customers might obtain basic information from a internet site, they are additional probable to delve into deeper troubles more than the cellular phone. Any salesperson understands that a deeper connection can be founded and designed additional swiftly through cellular phone than email. Whether or not you are wanting for a whole-blown digital PBX or support for a single person, the ideal mixture of characteristics, overall flexibility, and value in the voice world is Voice more than IP (VoIP).

VoIP is the way to go for enterprise voice communications and we are right here to convey to you which options your peers price the ideal. For just about 30 yrs, PCMag has been augmenting our palms-on, labs-based mostly item critiques with our Readers’ Decision Awards, in which PCMag viewers price the items and solutions they use the most. The Small business Decision Awards lengthen the Readers’ Decision Awards by garnering comments about the components, application, and solutions our viewers deploy, administer, retain, and use particularly in an office environment/operate setting.

Our survey requested respondents to price their over-all gratification, trustworthiness, and tech assistance working experience with the VoIP remedy they use, as well as the probability they would propose it to others.

You can be element of Small business Decision! Signal up for the Readers’ Decision Survey mailing checklist to acquire invitations in the long run.

On the lookout for an qualified feeling on VoIP solutions? Read through The Best VoIP Products and services for 2016 and, normally, The Best Small business VoIP Methods of 2016 for business-course options.


VoIP Suppliers

There are a good deal of enterprise VoIP options out there. We experienced more than one hundred sixty solutions nominated for Best VoIP Solution. They selection from application that operates on a single Personal computer to components that supports a single consumer or a handful of buyers, up to digital PBX devices that can scale to assistance tens of hundreds of buyers. In the conclusion, only ten businesses gained more than enough votes to be viewed as.

Our winner, for the third yr in a row, is ooma with an over-all gratification rating of 8.7 (ten is the greatest.) Ooma was also the large scorer when it came to the probability to be proposed to peers, with an great nine. (the similar it acquired past yr) and the greatest ranking for trustworthiness. It is really obviously a winner for a small and medium-sized enterprise, even if did not have the ideal tech assistance (and a whole a single-quarter of ooma buyers desired to simply call tech assistance for enable).

Honorable point out is shared by 8×8 and RingCentral, every single with over-all gratification scores of 8.. 8×8’s a large-enterprise remedy, but managed to get extremely proposed (8.5) RingCentral is not significantly guiding 8×8, and truly scored greater in trustworthiness (8.three to 8×8’s 8.). Both equally, nevertheless, experienced terrible scores for the amount of money of tech assistance desired, with more than 50 % of their buyers in our viewers contacting in for support.

Trustworthiness is very significant for VoIP as voice interaction is sensitive to dropped phone calls and inadequate overall performance. Ooma’s direct is really astounding, and the relaxation are just so/so, but of particular observe is Comcast’s abysmal trustworthiness rating of 6.8. It is consistent with Comcast’s inadequate scores throughout the board—including our only detrimental Internet Promoter Rating (-14 per cent). Skype also has additional than its reasonable share of inadequate scores, in spite of Skype remaining the only home title and arguably offering the ideal value of any seller right here. It seems that there are a good deal of sad customers who prioritized price tag more than characteristics and trustworthiness.

Skype did direct the way in tech assistance, with the fewest quantity of respondents (12 per cent) requiring enable, followed by magicJack (19 per cent) and Vonage (21 per cent). Yet again, the only ding versus ooma is that 26 per cent of respondents needed tech assistance (we experienced the similar criticism past yr with 21 per cent).

Tech assistance scores convey to a unique story, with RingCentral (8.8) leading the way, followed by 8×8 (8.1) and then Avaya, ooma, and ShoreTel with 8.. It is really a fantastic factor ShoreTel scored so effectively with tech assistance scores due to the fact 65 per cent of its buyers who took this survey desired enable utilizing the support. In distinction, the unfortunate 19 per cent who desired tech assistance from magicJack handed it the worst tech assistance ranking at 5.three.

A very significant measure of a support is the reaction to the essential concern “How probable are you to propose your VoIP remedy to a colleague?” Though ooma rides the crest of the wave, a single other seller experienced a main improvement: RingCentral went from 7. past yr to an 8.three Avaya also climbed from a 6.8 to a 7.8. Skype and magicJack every single went up a tick. Others that produced the slash the two yrs (Vonage, Cisco, Comcast) all acquired lower suggestion scores.

The “would you propose” concern is utilized to estimate the Internet Promoter Rating (NPS) which presents us, and the suppliers, a rapid way to size up how customers actually come to feel. The product rises to the major with ooma scoring a great 68 per cent NPS (marginally down from past year’s 70 per cent), followed by RingCentral at 46 per cent NPS (way up from past year’s fifteen per cent) and 8×8 at 45 per cent NPS. Sinking like stones to the bottom are Comcast, Skype, and Cisco. Comcast receives our only detrimental NPS (-14 per cent) this means that customers genuine steer their mates absent from Comcast VoIP. Comcast experienced our only detrimental NPS rating past yr also (-13 per cent). You might be ideal off staying absent from them for enterprise VoIP support.

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Business Choice seal

Ooma understands what it is executing. This is the third yr we have performed this survey on VoIP for the office environment and the third yr ooma has occur out on major, the two over-all and as the most proposed support.

Business Choice Honorable Mention

When it will come to business-capable VoIP, 8×8 is the way to go. From the cellular phone devices to the cloud-based mostly solutions, it is large conclusion and PCMag viewers utilizing 8×8 figure out the top quality it offers.

Business Choice Honorable Mention

Cloud communications for the office environment is the RingCentral baliwick, and the viewers of PCMag agree it provides a wonderful support truly worth of an honorable point out.


We email survey invitations to PCMag.com neighborhood users, particularly subscribers to our Readers’ Decision Survey mailing checklist. The surveys are hosted by SurveyMonkey, which also performs our knowledge assortment. This survey was in the subject from March nine to March 28, 2016.

Respondents have been requested to price their Voice more than IP remedy utilizing several concerns about their over-all gratification with the remedy, as effectively as experiences with specialized assistance within the past 12 months.

Because the purpose of the survey is to understand how the email promoting options examine to a single another and not how a single respondent’s working experience compares to another’s, we use the average of the email promoting solutions’ ranking, not the average of just about every respondent’s ranking. In all instances, the over-all scores are not based mostly on averages of other scores in the table they are based mostly on solutions to the concern, “All round, how pleased are you with your VoIP service provider?”

Scores not represented as a share are on a scale of to ten in which ten is the ideal.

Internet Promoter Scores are based mostly on the concept introduced by Fred Reichheld in his 2006 ideal seller, The Ultimate Issue, that no other concern can greater outline the loyalty of a firm’s customers than “how probable is it that you would propose this organization to a pal or colleague?” This measure of model loyalty is calculated by having the per cent of respondents who answered nine or ten (promoters) and subtracting the per cent who answered by means of 6 (detractors). For additional, browse PCMag’s Prime Client Advised Businesses for 2015.

If you would like to take part in PCMag’s regular monthly Readers’ Decision surveys and to be suitable for our regular monthly sweepstakes marketing, make sure you indication up today.

mobydick 7.12 Release Keynote Invite [english]

The eagerly awaited mobydick 7.12 is coming and packs a punch!

With a whole host of new developments & features including the new mobydick cloud stack, mobydick 7.12 is something not to miss.

Incorporating a specifically developed Session Border Controller which delivers quick & simple worldwide connectivity without needing VPNs, mobydick is not just about Cloud Telephony as it also sees the addition of more supported IP phones, a new client and so much more.

Register FREE now for the Live Release Keynote:


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