All-In-Just one: The K-1200-IP VoIP Entry Phone System by Viking Electronics – Telecom Reseller (press release)

HUDSON, WI – Oct 26, 2016 – The vandal resistant K-1200-IP is an all-in-a person VoIP entry cell phone method built basic. Combining a cell phone, relays, dialer, keyless entry, and a directory into a person device tends to make it simple to set up and program, while the a person contact dialing tends to make it simple for people to use. The K-1200-IP cell phone is created for a VoIP cell phone method with a SIP link and is run with PoE.

“We took a difficult, multi-purpose entry method and created it into a person basic compact device that is simple to program and use – the K-1200-IP.” Greg Yocom, Viking Electronics Engineer

The K-1200-IP is a self-contained cell phone, directory and relay controller with the possibility to connect a 26 little bit Wiegand proximity card reader. Two two-Amp relays built into the K-1200-IP can be made use of to trigger a door strike or mag lock, or activate a camera or strobe. The K-1200-IP can also remotely trigger a secure contact closure when made use of with the Viking RC-4A. The relays can be triggered by DTMF tones, coming into a programmed code on the keypad, or with a regarded proximity card. The K-1200-IP can retail outlet 1000 keyless entry codes and/or proximity card figures.

The K-1200-IP VoIP cell phone is geared up with a person contact dialing to give brief and reliable communication with up to twelve cell phone figures and twelve rollover figures. The device can be programmed from any Computer on the identical LAN or remotely working with a Static IP Deal with. The sturdy stainless metal faceplate of the K-1200-IP is eye-catching and vandal resistant. The cell phone is also available with Viking’s Increased Temperature Protection for many years of reliable out of doors use.

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Viking Electronics types and manufactures in excess of 500 communication and protection products and solutions, such as VoIP and analog crisis telephones, entry programs, paging interfaces, paging amplifiers, mass notification programs, warm line products and solutions, and enclosures. Several Viking products and solutions are created to fix or increase exclusive features to phone or protection applications, preserving expenditures down while maintaining relieve of use. All Viking products and solutions are created, manufactured, supported listed here in the United states of america, and are backed by a two yr limited warranty. For much more information and facts, make sure you stop by:

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Troubleshoot the SNR and Attenuation of Your DSL Modem to Deal with Your Broadband World-wide-web Speed

DSL World-wide-web circuits may well expertise difficulties due to a variety of reasons. Most are connected to the specific conclusion user’s connection. And most can be detected by means of a uncomplicated check out of Sync pace, attenuation and Sign-to-noise ratio (SNR) figures on the DSL modem. This post will reveal why these parameters are important, how to check out them and how to make improvements to the values.

It is generally sensible to run a packet loss examination on any World-wide-web connection in advance of an improvement task starts. The packet loss examination ought to validate that there is difficulty at the conclusion user’s connection and that the World-wide-web Services Provider’s (ISPs) network is not the resource of the difficulty. In addition, the packet loss examination will deliver baseline figures to look at future results versus.

Assuming a packet loss examination has exposed difficulty at the conclusion user’s IP deal with, it is time to glance at the DSL modem and look at it for difficulty:

Sign-to-Sound Ratio

In accordance to, “signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is a measure employed in science and engineering to quantify how a lot a signal has been corrupted by noise. It is outlined as the ratio of signal electricity to the noise electricity corrupting the signal. A ratio higher than 1:1 indicates a lot more signal than noise.”

An each day case in point of SNR is listening to tunes in your motor vehicle above street noise or other people today conversing. The louder the radio in comparison to the other noise in the motor vehicle, the a lot more clearly you listen to the tunes. The similar is correct for the DSL modem “listening to” the signal transporting the World-wide-web traffic. When the signal is loud in comparison to the noise, World-wide-web interaction happens at a more quickly pace with fewer packet loss. When the signal is not loud ample in comparison to the noise, speeds gradual down resulting in latency. Packets may well be shed or discarded, making retransmissions of info packets and difficulty with genuine-time programs these kinds of as Voice above World-wide-web Protocol (VoIP) employed by Vonage, Skype and Hosted PBX companies. In simple fact, any genuine-time application will endure together with video clip streaming from Netflix, Blockbuster and other people or any variety of on the web gaming.

DSL Parameter Values

The values to check out in a DSL modem are Sync, Attenuation and Sign-to-Sound Ratio.

Sync is described in downstream and upstream and is the connection pace in each direction. Downstream is from the ISP to the modem. Upstream is from the modem to the ISP.

Attenuation is the loss of signal above length. The db loss is not just dependent on length. It also depends on cable variety and gauge (which can differ above the duration of the cable), the variety and site of other connection points on the cable. Attenuation is stated with equally downstream and upstream values.

20db and under = Fantastic
20db-30db = Excellent
30db-40db = Incredibly Great
40db-50db = Great
50db-60db = Inadequate and may well expertise connectivity challenges
60db and previously mentioned = Negative and will expertise connectivity challenges

Like Sync and Attenuation, SNR has downstream and upstream measurements.

6db or under = Negative and will expertise no line synchronization and regular disconnections 7db-10db = Truthful but does not leave a lot home for variances in problems.
11db-20db = Great with very little or no disconnection difficulties
20db-28db = Excellent
29db or previously mentioned = Fantastic

SNR will at times be shown in margin or SNRM. This is the change between the latest SNR price and the SNR that is necessary to preserve a reliable circuit at the connection pace. If the SNRM is negligible, the circuit is a lot more likely to endure intermittent connection faults and slowdowns. Substantial margins are necessary to protect against bursts of interference from resulting in connection losses. The concentrate on SNRM is typically 6db but could be as higher as 12db.

Figuring out the Values of a DSL Modem

Several DSL modem configuration internet pages can be seen at the internal deal with of Refer to http://broadband.modemhelp.web/dsl_modem_data/index.shtml and glance up the precise make and model of the DSL modem or the manufacturer’s manual. The web site or the manufacturer’s manual will give the modem configuration webpage deal with. Just plug the deal with in a website browser of a Personal computer connected to the modem and the webpage ought to load. Try to remember, these values can fluctuate. If intermittent difficulties are experienced, the values ought to be checked when all is perfectly and in comparison to the values when difficulty is experienced.

Improving upon the DSL Modem’s Values

Cabling and connectors are the most typical lead to of DSL difficulties. Internal wiring can very easily be removed by just plugging the modem into the Network Interface Product (NID) and unplugging almost everything else. The NID is typically found outside on a household or in an products home for a company. If the values do not make improvements to to acceptable stages then the trouble is with the modem or the ISPs infrastructure. Here are some items to check out and glance for:

1. Swap the modem.
two. Have the ISP verify that there are no load faucets or bridge coils in their cabling.
3. Have the ISP verify that there are no T1 circuits grouped in the cable bundle serving the DSL (not likely to implement to residential).
four. If difficulties feel to be temperature connected specifically in the course of rain, have the ISP examine and bypass any temperature worn cabling or find greater cabling pairs.
5. If none of the previously mentioned is successful, have the ISP alter the ports on the DSLAM.

If plugging the modem into the NID enhanced the values, then the trouble is in the internal wiring. Examine for the next:

1. Cabling from NID to modem is in good affliction devoid of any cable splices.
two. All phone gadgets move by means of a DSL filter.
3. Phone jacks are in good affliction and connectors driving the wall plates are solidly connected.
four. If the modem is plugged into a DSL filter, replace the filter.
5. If none of previously mentioned is successful, unplug all phone gadgets from the wall apart from the modem and check out its values. If the values are acceptable, start plugging the other phone gadgets back into the wall one particular at a time. Examine the values as each system is plugged into the jack. When the modem values alter back to an unacceptable array, the offender has been located.

In most cases, the trouble has been corrected by one particular of the merchandise previously mentioned. If the ISP has been associated, persistence may well be necessary until a technician is located with the information or client care to fix the concern. Continue to keep in mind, virtually all World-wide-web difficulties can be solved with willpower and perseverance.

The Importance OF IPTV And Other Systems To Organization

After HDTV, digital cable and satellite company, IPTV technology is now switching the television marketplace enormously. This new science presents a innovative program of presenting television programmes to your televisions. IPTV or World-wide-web Protocol Tv has arrived at final and it is being driven forward by the rich telecommunications marketplace. It will supply far better interactivity and will also improve opposition concentrations in so considerably as the sale of Tv set models go.

World-wide-web Protocol Tv is all about producing a answer that is able of getting and also displaying online video streams which are encoded as a selection of IP packets. Most individuals that have considered movies on their laptop or computer screens could have currently built use of IPTV in a pretty general sense. When most individuals believe about this certain company, they regularly believe that it is about observing outstanding quality television programmes whose pictures are sleek and of a definitely significant resolution and there is also no lag in the photo.

To begin with, IPTV technology was only acknowledged to the cellphone businesses but at this second Tv set businesses are joining in and are prepared to supply rewards such as info, voice and online video. In purchase to make outstanding use of IPTV technology, it is needed to have a set top rated box which will be employed to join the DSL line in your dwelling or place of work and which also reassembles the packets that have been sent.

A Pc or laptop can also do precisely the exact position but the difficulty is that not too a lot of individuals have an extra Pc that they can insert following to their television sets. This is why the set top rated box is employed.

Any marketplace now embracing systems such as IPTV and expert Audio Visual alternatives are investing sensibly for the upcoming.

In this mad planet of technological innovations, new sciences will most probably wipe out regular marketplaces and will generate some new ones in their position. Voice above IP or VoIP is an example of these kinds of new systems and so too is IPTV technology. The actuality is, a very good variety of individuals consider that television is going to modify considerably. The new deal with of technology may possibly perfectly be a fantastic deal a lot more entertaining and personalised and there will be substantially a lot more facts accessible and also far better connectivity as perfectly.

At this time the World-wide-web Protocol Tv company is divided into diverse segments that consist of points like TELCOS/ISP and IPTV on Public World-wide-web Networks alongside with Hospitality. It would not be completely wrong to figure out that this modern science as perfectly as Broadband Multimedia Providers is able of crossing the constraints of satellite mediums and cable. It can supply limitless chances to distribute television and/or online video written content.


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One particular Horizon Group’s Mobile VoIP Telco Software in China, Aishuo, Surpasses 43 Million Downloads and Will increase … – Marketwired (press release)

Launches New Superior Quality International Phone Services Link to Mainland China

LIMERICK, Eire–(Marketwired – Oct 31, 2016) – One particular Horizon Team, Inc. (NASDAQ: OHGI), a foremost carrier-quality VoIP alternative for cell suppliers and smartphones, these days announced that its enterprise-to-buyer (‘B2C’) cell telco VoIP support in China, Aishuo, has surpassed 43 million subscriber downloads. Revenues have ongoing to grow sequentially quarter-in excess of-quarter considering that its start in February of 2015.

The Aishuo application consumes the lowest amount of cell data as compared to any voice in excess of IP support in China, enabling mobile cellphone customers to make minimal price tag telephone calls to landlines and mobiles applying 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi Web connections.

Competing bandwidth-hungry VoIP applications can chew via buyer data strategies although Aishuo consumes 10x considerably less cell data for each minute. Aishuo is exclusive during China as it offers minimal price tag calls to all telephone figures when other well-liked VoIP applications like Tencentone WeChattwo are confined to calling app to app consuming enormous quantities of data compared to Aishuo.

Brian Collins, CEO of One particular Horizon Team, mentioned, “The longevity of our B2C platform in China in this hugely competitive house really speaks volumes as we have in excess of 43 million downloads to date and earnings quarter-in excess of-quarter continues to grow. Although we stay mindful of the size and business power of other VoIP products and services within China vying for the exact user we firmly believe the buyer is caught applying inferior VoIP systems. Therefore, we carry on to spend in promoting to raise awareness of our alternative in China and stay resolutely committed to bettering Aishuo’s main VoIP technological innovation. Right now we have introduced our most current substantial-high quality Hong Kong world-wide-web relationship into mainland China. Calling China from overseas can be notoriously difficult when applying VoIP, but Aishuo has now prevail over this with a substantial-high quality voice backlink to the mainland coupled with our proprietary VoIP alternative.”

Aishuo is accessible as a Absolutely free down load in all of the big Chinese Android App stores which includes Apple’s iTunes and supports all big Chinese cell payment platforms which includes China UnionPay, Apple In-App Buys, Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat Wallet giving subscribers with easy possibilities to obtain credit.

About One particular Horizon Team, Inc.
One particular Horizon Team, Inc. (NASDAQ: OHGI) is a foremost developer and operator of carrier-quality optimized VoIP methods for cell telcos and enterprises. The enterprise currently products and services in excess of 43 million subscribers throughout 20 accredited manufacturers around the globe. The technological innovation is a person of the world’s most bandwidth-economical cell VoIP, messaging and promoting platforms for smartphones. Started in 2012, the Company now has operations in Eire, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Latin The usa. For additional details on the Company you should go to

one page_e.asp?WidCoID=700

Risk-free Harbor Assertion
This news release could incorporate “ahead-on the lookout” statements. These ahead-on the lookout statements are only predictions and are issue to specific risks, uncertainties and assumptions that could result in genuine results to vary from all those in the ahead on the lookout-statements. Potential risks and uncertainties include this kind of variables as uncertainty of buyer need for the Firm’s items, as properly as further risks and uncertainties that are identified and explained in Firm’s SEC stories. Actual results could vary materially from the ahead-on the lookout statements in this press release. Statements designed herein are as of the date of this press release and must not be relied upon as of any subsequent date. The Company does not undertake, and it especially disclaims, any obligation to update any ahead-on the lookout statements to replicate occurrences, developments, situations or circumstances just after the date of this kind of statement.

Execs and Negatives of Leased Strains

Leased strains are employed by several firms that give assured bandwidth. In the United Kingdom, leased strains are acknowledged as knowledge strains or private circuits. It is also deemed to be the most cost efficient solution particularly for individuals who use telephonic and online solutions often. A lot of firms choose for this solution, if their organization is centered in more than a single spot.

For occasion, a vehicle dealership firm can take edge of the leased line. The firm can converse with the other dealership without contacting or sending fax paperwork as the data can quickly be shared by means of the network established by the leased line.

Leased strains can be practical for telephone, knowledge or online solutions. If you have large online speed and solid network in your group, your staff members can be more prolific and useful. You can even website link your regional location networks and establish a huge location network by means of leased-strains.

You can pick out from a vary of bandwidth from 64kbps to 622mbps. The bandwidth features you overall privacy and stability of the worthwhile knowledge and it also incorporates the transfer of voice knowledge. Most of the firms offer you reductions for leased-strains for two to 5 several years agreement. They also give assistance and help, if any difficulty arises. So it is crucial to learn about the conditions and situations in advance of buying a leased-line. Leased-strains have the capacity to transmit the knowledge more quickly than VPN or DSL.

A set line is required in order to establish a leased-line. You have to spend an once-a-year price and no additional price is billed. It features a 24/7 service with total assistance and it will give you a more quickly connectivity to the host server or the online, at all instances. You need to also set up a hub inside of the creating since it will allow the accessibility of the online. It is crucial to maximize the speed and redundancy, if you are linking strains collectively.

You also have to have to maximize the bandwidth if the variety of your personnel-users is rising or else the network will turn out to be gradual that’s why affecting the performance of your organization. With the help of a lease-line, you can link separate places of work and properties. Info can quickly be shared involving distinctive properties which further enhance the productivity and the effectiveness of the personnel. When you have this program, you can have peer to peer voice above IP.

You can even share knowledge and solutions with no additional cost. Leased strains offer you a variety of added benefits to the organization entire world. They offer you a set-cost solution particularly for individuals firms that do not want to spend a big amount of money of cash. They enable a wide range of options this sort of as web hosting, e-mail and e commerce.

In the organization entire world, it is envisioned to give the ideal solutions to the buyers. Companies are in have to have of large speed of online and productivity. Leased strains will help them enhance their predicament and give large speed of online and telephonic solutions, as perfectly as the performance of the personnel.

“Far Speak” The History of the Telephone – 1935

An historic film on the History of Telephone Development from 1877 to 1935.
I will always be amazed at what accomplishments were made in the progress and technology behind Telephony. VoIP has made things so much simpler.
On a side note. It seems ironic that the Telegraph which transmitted data was easily replaced by the Telephone, only to be overshadowed by a similar concept today. The Internet.

Sponsored by AT&T and Bell.
Licensed under Creative Commons.

If you’re looking for Business VoIP Solutions such as Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking, please visit us at

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How Numerous Phone Strains Does Your Organization Will need?

Relying on your specific organization profile, the quantity of phone strains your company will need can fluctuate. Although you definitely never need one particular phone line for each staff, you also never want to lower also several corners.

To assistance you make your mind up how several phone strains your company will need, take into consideration the subsequent:

  • The vast majority of your workforce are in the discipline: If you have a development organization with fifty workforce and only four of them operate in the business, leaving the relaxation at position web sites, you never need fifty phone strains. As a substitute, you would be wise to invest in four strains for your business workforce, furthermore one particular voicemail line and one particular or two strains for your fax devices. You can fluctuate this configuration of class. If your company is pretty hectic, take into consideration getting a few or four strains for faxes.
  • You have a significant volume of incoming and outgoing daily calls: If you possess a telemarketing organization with twenty five workforce, each producing phone calls eight hours a working day, you should take into consideration getting 35 or 40 strains just for the calls your workforce make. Incorporating yet another two strains for faxes is a great strategy as effectively.

As a rule of thumb, if your company has about fifteen workforce you should take into consideration getting one particular phone line for each staff who will make calls in your business. But if your company has much more than fifteen workforce, a much less expensive answer is to go to a dedicated circuit that is made up of 24 phone strains.

Curiously enough, if your company is developing, you will really need much less phone strains for each staff as the quantity of workforce improves. Although this elevated quantity of workforce will most definitely be producing much more calls, the likelihood is minimal that each staff will be producing or acquiring calls at specifically the exact time. Most probable, when one particular staff hangs up the phone to do some operate, yet another will be picking up the phone to make yet another get in touch with.

To get an knowledge of your business’ phone get in touch with volume, go more than your phone bill’s itemized listing of calls to figure out the quantity of calls built for the duration of peak periods. A greater method is to scan your phone invoice and figure out whether each phone quantity is currently being utilised. If many of your phone figures are established as inbound faxes or are established for your stability process and are not presently currently being utilised, then you most probable have also several strains.

On the flip side while, if prospects, workforce or associates complain that they preserve finding a hectic sign when contacting your company, you most likely need to incorporate some much more strains.

Before rushing out and shopping for much more phone strains, make positive to troubleshoot the bottleneck in your phone process. It could be induced by a card failure that induced you to eliminate 10 strains in your phone process. If following troubleshooting your hardware and you locate no difficulty, get extra strains to match the quantity of persons impacted by the lack of strains. Most likely the Human Assets office employed twenty much more persons and did not inform you. If for the duration of peak contacting periods, 10 persons in your business are not able to get outside strains, get twelve much more strains.

In summary, the quantity of phone strains you company desires is dependent on the quantity of workforce in the business (as opposed to out in the discipline) and the volume of their calls for the duration of peak contacting periods. Using a glimpse at your business’ previous contacting information will assistance significantly in identifying the quantity of phone strains required.

VoIP Wars: the Phreakers Awaken

Black Hat USA 2016 is set to bring together the best minds in security to define tomorrow’s information security landscape in Las Vegas. This year’s briefings offer the essential knowledge and skills to defend your enterprise against today’s threats.

VoIP Wars: the Phreakers Awaken
The Hidden Architecture of Our Time: Why This Internet Worked How We Could Lose It and the Role Hackers Play
A Retrospective on the Use of Export Cryptography
Abusing Bleeding Edge Web Standards for Appsec Glory
Augmenting Static Analysis Using Pintool: Ablation
Beyond the Mcse: Active Directory for the Security Professional
Breaking Payment Points of Interaction (POI)
Can You Trust Me Now? An Exploration Into the Mobile Threat Landscape
Capturing 0Day Exploits With Perfectly Placed Hardware Traps
HTTP/2 & Quic – Teaching Good Protocols to Do Bad Things
The Linux Kernel Hidden Inside Windows 10
Web Application Firewalls: Analysis of Detection Logic
Breaking Hardware-Enforced Security With Hypervisors
Crumbling the Supercookie and Other Ways the Fcc Protects Your Internet Traffic
Behind the Scenes of iOS Security
Dptrace: Dual Purpose Trace for Exploitability Analysis of Program Crashes
The Art of Reverse Engineering Flash Exploits
The Beast Within – Evading Dynamic Malware Analysis Using Microsoft Com
Timing Attacks Have Never Been So Practical: Advanced Cross-Site Search Attacks
Using An Expanded Cyber Kill Chain Model to Increase Attack Resiliency
When Governments Attack: State Sponsored Malware Attacks Against Activists Lawyers and Journalists
Hell on Earth: From Browser to System Compromise
An Ai Approach to Malware Similarity Analysis: Mapping the Malware Genome With a Deep Neural Network
An Inconvenient Trust: User Attitudes Toward Security and Usability Tradeoffs for Key-Directory Encryption Systems
Attacking SDN Infrastructure: Are We Ready for the Next-Gen Networking?
Building Trust & Enabling Innovation for Voice Enabled IoT
Call Me: Gathering Threat Intelligence on Telephony Scams to Detect Fraud
Dangerous Hare: Hanging Attribute References Hazards Due to Vendor Customization
Over the Edge: Silently Owning Windows 10’s Secure Browser
Pay No Attention to That Hacker Behind the Curtain: A Look Inside the Black Hat Network
Using Undocumented CPU Behavior to See Into Kernel Mode and Break Kaslr in the Process
Removing Roadblocks to Diversity
A Journey From JNDI/LDAP Manipulation to Remote Code Execution Dream Land
Applied Machine Learning for Data Exfil and Other Fun Topics
Exploiting Curiosity and Context: How to Make People Click on a Dangerous Link Despite Their Security Awareness
Hackproofing Oracle Ebusiness Suite
Measuring Adversary Costs to Exploit Commercial Software: the Government-Bootstrapped Non-Profit C.I.T.L.
Memory Forensics Using Virtual Machine Introspection for Cloud Computing
Nonce-Disrespecting Adversaries: Practical Forgery Attacks on GCM in TLS
Subverting Apple Graphics: Practical Approaches to Remotely Gaining Root
Adaptive Kernel Live Patching: An Open Collaborative Effort to Ameliorate Android N-Day Root Exploits
Canspy: A Platform for Auditing Can Devices
Certificate Bypass: Hiding and Executing Malware From a Digitally Signed Executable
Drone Attacks on Industrial Wireless: A New Front in Cyber Security
Gattacking Bluetooth Smart Devices – Introducing a New BLE Proxy Tool
HEIST: HTTP Encrypted Information Can Be Stolen Through TCP-Windows
Secure Penetration Testing Operations: Demonstrated Weaknesses in Learning Material and Tools
Towards a Holistic Approach in Building Intelligence to Fight Crimeware
Xenpwn: Breaking Paravirtualized Devices
1000 Ways to Die in Mobile Oauth
AMSI: How Windows 10 Plans to Stop Script-Based Attacks and How Well It Does It
An Insider’s Guide to Cyber-Insurance and Security Guarantees
Does Dropping Usb Drives in Parking Lots and Other Places Really Work?
I Came to Drop Bombs: Auditing the Compression Algorithm Weapon Cache
Into the Core: In-Depth Exploration of Windows 10 IoT Core
Intra-Process Memory Protection for Applications on ARM and X86: Leveraging the ELF ABI
Pwning Your Java Messaging With Deserialization Vulnerabilities
Recover a RSA Private Key From a TLS Session With Perfect Forward Secrecy
Access Keys Will Kill You Before You Kill the Password
Account Jumping Post Infection Persistency & Lateral Movement in AWS
Breaking Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (Kaslr) With Intel TSX
Captain Hook: Pirating Avs to Bypass Exploit Mitigations
Crippling HTTPs With Unholy PAC
Design Approaches for Security Automation
Greatfet: Making Goodfet Great Again


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