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Recorded as a livestream
I5-2500K OC @ 4.6GHZ
GTX 1060 6 GIG RAM
Dual 22″ 1080p Asus Displays
Single 24″ 1080p Dell Display


Annual Tech Meeting ClueCon Features Deep Dive of WebRTC IoT VoIP and Earning – IT Business enterprise Web


May 31, 2017 —

CHICAGO, May 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — WebRTC has been a major buzzword in excess of the past few several years but what does it genuinely necessarily mean to the general community and to the software package builders who develop world wide web information?

The top target of WebRTC is to make interaction an ubiquitous aspect of the browsing knowledge.  In the early days of browsing, sound video and images and other components we take for granted were being basically foreign entities and had to be deferred to exterior gamers and renderers.  About time, these components have grow to be an daily aspect of the all round knowledge and a native perform of your browser.  WebRTC is the codename for the collective work to bring 2 way real-time interaction into your browser so extra web pages you interact with can take edge of this functionality as aspect of their provider providing.

Everyone stands to gain from this development but we are still in the quite early days of this engineering and not all browsers are in a position to assistance WebRTC.  For a user this can be disheartening due to the fact you will have to try out unique browsers until you discover 1 that operates or deal with which headset you want to use and so on.  For a developer, it can be equally disheartening seeking to discover a remedy on your application that operates with and without having WebRTC.  This, of study course, impedes development of the engineering due to the fact also much work is set into backwards compatibility, which never ever really operates as very well as sought after.  Sadly, it is usually necessary to take a look at these possibilities when creating a commercial or community software.

Several WebRTC programs are created about peer-to-peer interactions with only simply call-set up information likely to the remote site and all of the large audio and video targeted visitors transmitting specifically in between all of the browsers included in the simply call.   This can existing some challenges for seeking to do factors like have a widespread conference simply call in between WebRTC browsers and mobile telephones.

ClueCon is an annual Technologies Meeting aimed at encouraging builders to address these concerns and demonstrating means to use instruments like FreeSWITCH to develop robust WebRTC-driven programs and world wide web web pages.  ClueCon has shows by builders of well-known software package in the sector and hands-on obtain to the code applied to deploy real-time interaction programs from WebRTC to SIP to TDM and other Telephony protocols.  The conference also delivers the Coder Games hack-a-thon and a number of demos of these technologies in action.

IoT is yet another new incredibly hot-topic in the sector and it attracts its origins from Telephony and VoIP.  Several of the similar concepts from Voice-About-IP are used to let units to interact with each individual other. ClueCon attendees grow to be aspect of the evolution of this rising sector.  With the increase of Earning with 3D printing and open up-supply hardware like Arduino and Raspberry PI, there are unlimited possibilities to develop units and interconnect them.  ClueCon provides all of these technologies under 1 roof and presents a real prospect to master and increase.

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A Shorter Heritage of the Phone

The fundamental adjust which a single invention introduced to the entire world is just the phone. Conversing to pricey ones considerably way with effortless simplicity and ease and comfort of one’s property is the reward of this invention. In this fashionable entire world of cell phones and Online phone, the basic shift to society that transpired with the invention of the phone is taken for granted.

In the previous college days, little ones ended up taught to tie two tin cans with each other using skinny wire and holding them tightly aside from every other permitting seem to movement from just one end to the other. This is a fundamental phone is the just one found in the Flintstones cartoons but the serious ones need electric power and components.

This is an fully distinctive method used in ships in the shape of long pipes in the ship’s bridge could be carried down to the engine place. The electrical telegraph was invented in the early 1800s and was frequently carrying messages of all kinds. There was normally a desire to strengthen the telegraph. The awareness of seem waves through teaching deaf pupils gave Alexander Graham Bell an thought to invent phone.

Bell was credited with staying a gentle person and an inventor of phone. He nearly shed that honor as Bell and Elisha Grey, yet another distinguished inventor used for his patent for the phone on the very same working day, the 14th of February 1876. Unfortunately, Bell’s law firm and the clerk of the patent office who had served in the Civil War and they conspired for Bell’s patent registration very first. The patent examiner named a halt to processing when he realized that both equally programs ended up related until finally they could be demonstrated. Bell demonstrated the approach devised by Grey and was granted the patent. According to historians, Grey would have thought of to be the inventor of phone if Bell had not demonstrated very first.

Only a year right after Bell’s patent was registered, the procedures of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson instantly led to the very first commercial phone services. Other distinguished scientists before Bell like Johann Reis of Germany and Antonio Meucci of Italy had also demonstrated phone prototypes but their procedures ended up not very sophisticated.

The citizens of Boston benefited for the very first time in 1877 with the putting in of very first phone. Phone switchboards ended up promptly invented permitting subscribers to discuss to any phone linked to the very same established of phone traces. The very first entered provider in 1878 in New Haven. Soon after very first three several years of commercial telephones, the United States boasted almost countless numbers of telephones. With the invention of the phone switchboard, subscribers necessary a way to effectively link with every other with out connecting to an operator.

Early phone exchanges ended up domestically based and a subscriber could only discuss to yet another subscriber on their have exchange by inquiring an operator to put the simply call. Extensive length phone calls could not be positioned from property. An appointment was necessary with the central phone office that could transmit more than extended wire distances.

The true phone unit used in the property underwent sizeable enhancement in the twenties when Western Electrical developed a phone that consisted of a handset such as earpiece and microphone. This authorized subscribers to discuss whilst shifting for the very first time. The Bell Design 102 was the very very first enhancement of this type of phone even now common today.

Telephones failed to adjust a great deal right after thirties until finally the introduction of electronic telephones and exchanges in the sixties. By 2005, cell phone connections in quite a few developed nations outshined the preset line connections.

How to get Free Cell Phone Service Any iPhone or Android

After fighting the problem of paying too much for my cell phone bill, I discovered a method that allows me to get Free Cell phone service on any IPhone or Android phone, even Black berries too. No more phone bills + Free WiFi Data for surfing the internet. Sounds too good to be true, but trust this is not a waste of time. (Freedompop + Google voice = Free phone service). This is not a video simply telling you to download a text free calling app. We all know that sucks because you can’t get calls when ever you are on the go with that service.
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In this video i tell you my method that will allow you to Call & text people while you are on the go. In other words you will be able to get calls & make calls where ever you are just as if your cell phone was Activated by a carrier, but except this way you won’t have to pay a cell phone bill every month. You also be able to use the internet on your phone too.

IF you set up this method you will
– Have your own personal Cell phone number where people can reach you.
– Make free calls
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-Send Free text(SMS)
-Get free text
– Free Voicemail service
– Everything service related is free
(UPDATED) Beginning May 2014, Users will also get free MMS Via the Google Hangouts app. Google voice will no longer work with other 3rd party VOIP Apps like the one i mention in the video. In My opinion this is a plus because the Hangouts app works 10 times better at letting you receive free incoming calls, as well as allowing you to make your free outgoing calls. All in all this method to free cell phone service just got a lot more better! – WE WIN!

What you need to know after watching the video

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(UPDATED) – Download The Google Hangouts APP instead of the Talktone app because Google voice has stopped all 3rd party apps from using its API’s, meaning Talktone, and all other 3rd party apps like it will no longer be able to allow you to receive or calls make calls from your Google voice cell phone number. SO if you have an iPhone or an Android you should then download the Google hangouts App so you can get incoming calls from your Google voice number.

– You can decide if this method is good enough for you by getting on wifi and by having people call and text your Google voice number. After you do that you will then be able to decide if it’s worth replacing your current phone service.

– Once you figure out that this is the best method by testing it on regular wifi, you can visit the FreedomPop order your condom sized device like I have which will allow you to run this method like I do:

PS: Here is the video where I show you how to set all of this up if you need it:

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Worldwide VoIP Current market 2017 – Vonage, Time Warner, OnSIP – Digital Journal

Worldwide VoIP Current market: This Research Report is developed with very clear focus on Advancement, Share, Opportunities & Competitive Assessment till 2022

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

Pune, India — (SBWIRE) — 05/30/2017 — The report entitled Worldwide VoIP Current market 2017 presents critical insights into the global VoIP market together with the latest up-to-day industry information and forthcoming VoIP industry tendencies, which will assist the audience to focus on products specification and end users driving the overall market revenue and profitability.

Report Keynotes:

The most important motive of the report on “Worldwide VoIP Current market 2017” is to review detailed information of the market investors, critical industry gamers which will enable them to make important selections in regards to VoIP development possibilities and long run financial investment scope.

This report highlights the well known industry competition and presents the deep evaluation of the important things influencing the market. The report also handles the forecasts market review connected to industry tendencies, market quantity, market share estimates and corporation profiles of major industry gamers.

Do Inquiry Right before Acquiring Report Listed here:

Dominant VoIP market gamers:

Time Warner
Vibrant Residence

Get Sample Copy Of Report Listed here:

This Report examines the global VoIP market concerning products style, software support, client and geography. The global VoIP market handles important continents.

Area sensible Assessment of VoIP Current market:

South East Asia

The global VoIP market has been segmentized into two pieces products and software.

Product Phase Assessment of VoIP Current market:

Nomadic VoIP
Non-nomadic VoIP

Application Phase Assessment of VoIP Current market:

Online video

Lastly, the research review presents a detailed perspective of the global VoIP market, providing market dimensions and estimates for the period of time from 2016 to 2021, preserving in mind the above outlined things.

For far more facts on this press release take a look at:

Google Voice Tutorial: How Do I Get a Google Voice Number Google Voice Tutorial: How Do I Get a Google Voice Number

Please note I have an updated SHORTER video (Feb 2015)
how do i get a google voice number

How To Switch To the Legacy Google Voice Layout

Google Voice Features

Google Voice What’s New?

how do i get a google voice number

1:55 Get a voice number “link” to get a brand new number
2:22 Getting a NEW number
3:45 Verification call from Google
5:10 Picking a new Google Voice number
6:24 Reading/Listening to voicemail message
7:29 Sending a voicemail as an email message
7:56 Downloading a voicemail message
9:15 Calling a GV number from another phone and leaving a message
11:15 listening to a voicemail
12:36 Making a GV call from the computer (didn’t work that day)
14:04 Sending a text from GV to another phone
15:45 Getting an instant email from a voicemail
15:59 Making a call from Gmail (this worked!) from your computer
16:41 Quick reference and DEMO of GV app on your smart phone
18:49 Use your GV number to call conference calls, up to 2 hours for free, and not tie up your cell or home line
19:28 Brief explanation of Setup Options
24:04 You can have only 1 GV number per gmail account and have to be in the United States
24:30 Recording a special greeting

Does Google Voice Work? Proof Google Voice Works!

Questions and POSITIVE comments may be left below. Spam and links to other websites that do NOT relate to Google Voice will be deleted. Thanks!

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how do i get a google voice number

I recorded “Google Voice Tutorial How To Use Google Voice On A Computer” and Joe asked me: “I live in Israel, but I think Google thinks I am in North America. I can make calls to the US for free. but I cannot figure out how to get a number. Can you help? Thanks!”

So I recorded this video in an attempt to help Joe but when it came to picking a number from Google, I was not able to find one (after entering 20-30 US area codes).

So I am not exactly sure if there are any Googe Voice numbers left but hopefully the video will help Joe…


How To Setup A Google Voice Number

YouTube Disclaimer

The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video.

Yes, I use Google Voice and the other Google tools for my online business. If you would like to learn more go to


World wide VoIP Companies Current market Examination, Trends … – Digital Journal – Digital Journal

VoIP Companies Current market to Display $a hundred and forty billion by 2021

This press launch was orginally dispersed by SBWire

Deerfield Beach front, FL — (SBWIRE) — 05/25/2017 — Zion Current market Exploration has released a new report titled “VoIP Companies (Domestic VoIP Phone calls and International Long Distance VoIP Phone calls) Current market by Configuration (Phone-to-Phone, Personal computer-to-Phone, and Personal computer-to-Personal computer) for Hosted Company, IP Connectivity, Managed IP PBX, Unique People and Corporate People: World wide Business Viewpoint, Detailed Examination, Dimensions, Share, Expansion, Phase, Trends and Forecast, 2015 – 2021.”According to the report, world need for VoIP products and services current market was valued at more than USD 83 billion in 2015, is envisioned to achieve above USD a hundred and forty billion in 2021 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of above concerning 2016 and 2021.

VoIP (Voice more than Online Protocol) is a conversation process of voice transfer by employing the world-wide-web. VoIP products and services are emerging as beautiful communications substitute for prospects. Broadband cellphone services, Online telephony, IP telephony, broadband telephony is the phrases associated with the VoIP products and services. Infrastructure expense can be lessened as voice and information communications can be run more than a solitary community.

Ask for For Totally free Sample Report:

Expanding technological improvement for the advancement of community infrastructure and wireless cell conversation majorly drives the VoIP products and services current market. The increase in a selection of portable device prospects has led the need for VoIP products and services. Characteristics these types of as packaged products and services and the growing need for the portable device is expanding throughout the people and company sector resulting into the spurt in need for VoIP products and services. Consistently updating products and services by telecommunication gamers generates healthy competitors amongst gamers contributing to escalating need for VoIP products and services. However, the deficiency of acceptance from the nearby sectors poses an influence on the advancement of the VoIP products and services current market. Strict regulations and regulation from the governing administration to help save the nearby telecom products and services hinder the advancement of the current market. VoIP products and services current market probably to open new current market avenues in the close to foreseeable future owing to shifting function pressure or migration and expanding the worldwide contacting.

Based mostly on the variety, the VoIP products and services current market can be segmented into domestic VoIP calls and worldwide extensive distance VoIP calls. International extensive distance VoIP calls emerged as the leading segment with 52% of complete revenue share in 2015 and are further envisioned to increase to 62% in forecast period thanks to expanding globalization concerning the business businesses throughout diverse industries. Business customers in Europe and North America have the major revenue for worldwide extensive distance VoIP calls. Phone-to-cellphone, laptop-to-cellphone, and laptop-to-laptop are the configurations for VoIP products and services. Amongst all, laptop-to-laptop segment was the leading configuration in 2015 with a lot more than 35% of share. Phone-to-cellphone is also estimated to clearly show high advancement in VoIP products and services in the coming up yrs.

Ask for For Totally free Rate Quotation:

Hosted business, IP connectivity, managed IP PBX, individual people and company people are the crucial people in VoIP products and services current market. Hosted business held the greater part of shares in 2015, in phrases of revenue. Managed IP PBX and IP connectivity are probably to working experience sizeable advancement inside of the forecast period.

In 2015, Europe dominated the VoIP products and services current market. With 14% of CAGR Asia-Pacific is envisioned to increase significantly thanks to escalating use of high-velocity conversation these types of as 3G and 4G also modernization in community infrastructure. Latin America, Center East, and Africa are probably to notice significant advancement more than forecast period due to the fact of the small rate of VoIP products and services for the individual and company people. North America is projected to witness good advancement more than the future several yrs.

Look through the whole report at: and services-current market-z56122

The crucial participants in the VOIP products and services current market involve Viber Media S.r.I., InPhonex LLC, Vonage Holdings Corp, AT&T, Microsoft Company (Skype), Avaya, Nextiva, Inc., Sprint Company, 8×8 Inc., RingCentral, Inc. and Vonage Holdings Company amongst other individuals. AT&T, Inc. was leading the current market with 7% share in complete revenue in 2015.

This report segments the VoIP products and services current market as follows:

Form Phase Examination: Domestic VoIP Phone calls, International Long Distance VoIP Phone calls

Configuration Phase Examination: Phone-to-Phone, Personal computer-to-Phone, Personal computer-to-Personal computer

Finish user Phase Examination: Hosted Company, IP Connectivity, Managed IP PBX, Unique People, Corporate People

Regional Phase Examination: North America(U.S.), Europe(United kingdom, France, Germany), Asia-Pacific(China, Japan, India), Latin America(Brazil), Center East and Africa

Go to Our Web site:

About Zion Current market Exploration
Zion Current market Exploration is an obligated business. We make futuristic, chopping edge, informative reviews ranging from field reviews, business reviews to region reviews. We provide our customers not only with current market data unveiled by avowed private publishers and general public businesses but also with vogue and most recent field reviews together with pre-eminent and niche business profiles. Our databases of current market research reviews includes a wide range of reviews from cardinal industries. Our databases is been up-to-date frequently in order to satisfy our customers with prompt and immediate on the web entry to our databases. Preserving in mind the client’s needs, we have incorporated professional insights on world industries, products, and current market traits in this databases. Last but not the the very least, we make it our duty to ensure the success of customers linked to us—after all—if you do effectively, a tiny of the light shines on us.

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Toll Totally free: +one-855-465-4651 (United states of america-CANADA)
Tel: +one-386-310-3803
Electronic mail: [email protected]

For a lot more info on this press launch pay a visit to: and services-current market/launch-811132.htm

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