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Posted: Mar. 17, 2019 12:01 am

Dear Savvy Senior,

Is there nearly anything seniors can do to quit perpetual robocalls? It would seem like I get five to 10 a day on my dwelling and mobile cell phone, and I’m sick of it!

Annoyed Frank


Dear Frank,

Robocalls make up about 50 per cent of all cell phone calls nowadays, and it’s only receiving worse. People in america were being hit with 26.three billion robocalls in 2018, a whopping forty six per cent increase from the calendar year right before. Fortuitously, there are a variety of equipment accessible nowadays that can enable you greatly reduce them.


Sign-up Your Figures

If you haven’t by now completed so, your very first step to limiting at the very least some undesirable calls is to make guaranteed your dwelling and mobile cell phone quantities are registered with the National Do Not Simply call Registry. Even though this will not quit unlawful robocalls, it will quit undesirable calls from legit for-gain businesses who are making an attempt to sell you something. But be knowledgeable that political businesses, charities and survey takers are however permitted to call you, as are businesses you’ve got bought something from or produced a payment to in the past 18 months. To sign up, visit or call 888-382-1222.


Home Landline Resources

To quit calls on your dwelling cell phone set up the “nameless call rejection” possibility. This is a cost-free landline-contacting aspect accessible from most phone providers. It lets you display out calls from callers who have blocked their caller ID facts — a favourite tactic of telemarketers. To set it up, you commonly have to dial *seventy seven from your landline, although distinctive cell phone providers may have distinctive strategies to set it up. Simply call your phone company supplier to uncover out if they provide this aspect, and if so, what you want to do to enable it.

A different answer is to sign up for Nomorobo, which is a cost-free company for landline phones but only if you have a VoIP landline provider. Nomorobo makes use of a “simultaneous ring” company that detects and blocks robocalls on a black listing of regarded offender quantities. It is not one hundred per cent foolproof, but it is an additional layer of security. To sign up or see if Nomorobo operates with your cell phone company supplier, visit


Mobile Telephones Resources

To quit undesirable robocalls and texts to your mobile cell phone, talk to your provider about caller ID options that enable determine, filter or prevent callers that usually are not legit.

For illustration, AT&T provides their subscribers a cost-free app called “AT&T Simply call Guard” that has automated fraud blocking and suspected spam warnings, and you can manually block undesirable calls. Starting this month, Verizon is presenting cost-free spam alerting and call blocking equipment to their people. T-Mobile provides cost-free “Fraud ID” and “Fraud Block” to combat robocalls and spam. And Dash consumers can sign up for its “High quality Caller ID” company for $2.ninety nine per month to guard from robocalls and caller ID spoofers.


Simply call Blocking Apps

A different way to quit nuisance robocalls on your smartphone is with call blocking apps. These can determine who is contacting you and block undesirable calls that show up on a crowd-sourced spam and robocaller lists.

Some top rated call blocking app for iPhones and Androids involve Nomorobo (, Hiya Caller ID and Spam Blocker ( and Truecaller (

Nomorobo cost $2 per month, whilst Truecaller and Hiya apps are cost-free to use, but provide upgraded providers for $2 and $three per month.


Spam Proof Telephones

There are also phones you can get, like the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Notice, or Google Pixel cell phone that have developed-in spam and robocall security in put. Samsung’s Sensible Simply call aspect flags calls it suspects are spam, whilst Google Pixel phones have developed-in spam call security. With this aspect, people with Caller ID enabled will get a warning if a suspected spam call or robocall is been given.


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