Keep Your ITSP VoIP Company Alive with AI, IoT, Cyber Security

Keep Your ITSP VoIP Company Alive with AI, IoT, Cyber Security, Business CRM per Tehrani, Duffet & Moshe

The founder of Skype said that telecom is 100 years old, and telephone numbers will be dead soon, but they are still not dead. The reason that they are not dead is that nobody actually killed them. How do you keep your Internet Telephony Service Provider and Cloud Communications business alive? Join the conversation with TMC’s Rich Tehrani, Mongotel’s Moshe BT, Asterisk’s David Duffet and DIDX’s Suzanne Bowen.

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High Availability IP PBX Phone System – CompletePBX TwinStar, VoIP Failover system demonstration
High Availability VoIP PBX Phone System – Xorcom TwinStar provides full redundancy PBX for organizations that can’t afford phone system downtime.

The system is comprised of two IP PBX systems, or virtual machines, one being the master PBX and the other the slave, or backup PBX.
Once there is any failure in the master PBX the slave PBX performs PBX failover and assumes the role of maser PBX taking over all VoIP lines and phones, as well as any analog lines, digital lines, analog phones and digital phones.

The video explains the TwinStar high availability phone system general layout and demonstrates disconnection and VoIP PBX failover scenarios.
Xorcom TwinStar IP PBX is based on solid Linux and Asterisk platforms.


VOIP Telefácil, Voz sobre IP para PC, móviles iPhone y Android, tabletas, iPad…

Los servicios voz sobre IP utilizan Internet para transportar sus llamadas lo que le permite acceder a su línea telefónica desde cualquier lugar y ahorrar dinero en su comunicaciones al no depender solo de los operadores dominantes. A través de nuestro softphone puede usar la telefonía IP a través de tabletas, teléfonos móviles, desde cualquier ordenador y desde cualquier teléfono convencional.

Servicio ofrecido por Telefácil. Más información en


THIS IS WHY VOIP IS OFF IN DIVISION 2 || The Division || GourmetJayy

I’m seeing a bunch of mixed reactions to voip being turned off in the next installment of The Division. I honestly don’t mind it. What are your thoughts?

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تسجيل المكالمات العادية وال فويب VOIP

تسجيل المكالمات العادية وال فويب VOIP
واتساب – فايبر-ماسنجر- فويب – ايمو- الاتصالات العادية

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Introducing the new Snom D785 VoIP desktop phone [english]

We’re finally back with some more VoIP product orientated videos – so welcome to the Snom D785 unboxing video.

The Snom D785 VoIP phone has been available on the market for a little while now, but as Snom’s flagship Desktop IP Phone, we felt it warranted a closer look, particularly as the phone itself boasts some pretty nifty and useful features such as the Smart Transfer and Call Conferencing tool!

Discover more about pascom:


Introduction to voip(Part 1) Voip شرح

what is a voip call ?
what does voip stand for?
all of these questions are answered within this video

مقدمة عن تكنولوجيا نقل الصوت عن طريق الانترنت الجزاء الاول

لتحميل ملف الشرح

للتواصل مع المحاضر
عاصم الجارحي
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