Benvenuti in questa nuova serie di speed run su lol 5vs 5 oggi , con NAMI in BOT.Video realizzato sempre con il mio team “Gli Ignoranti” .Chiunque รจ interessato a conoscerci ci aggiunga alla sua lista amici , i nomi sono:
Per parlare insieme utilizziamo un sistema voip ( come skype) molto leggero CURSE:http://beta.cursevoice.com
Per qualunque domanda utilizzate i commenti …BUONA VISIONE ๐Ÿ™‚


Vivox C3 VOIP Features & Tutorial

Originally shot for the Drakenfire guild, this tutorial on using the C3 VOIP program takes an in-depth look at all of the features of the program. You can download the program at: http://www.downloadc3.com

[[Edit (updated information, 07.25.2013): Since this video was shot, the forums have been cleaned of all the spam and the senior members are responding to queries on the program. There has also been a new build released (version 05.2.2143, you can check your version in the upper right-hand corner of the program, or by clicking the settings tab) which has introduced some changes to the UI that may result in a new walk-through video in the future. Most notably, the channels section has had a revamp, introducing a nested menu system over a tabbed section. Any channels you have previously created will appear under your “Home Channel.” If you want to create a new channel, simply right-click your home channel and create a subchannel within it. Also, the facebook integration has been removed for the time being.]]

You can find the Drakenfire Guild at: http://drakenfire.guildlaunch.com and on the Bloodhoof realm of World of Warcraft.

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