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Askozia PBX tutorial: external pfSense firewall for VoIP

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VoIP offers many new features in comparison to ISDN and analog. However, as your IP phone system is now part of your IT infrastructure, VoIP is also affected by some risks that haven’t been existing for traditional analog and ISDN phone systems. If a network component is successfully attacked, the whole IT network infrastructure can be in danger. This now includes your IP telephony infrastructure. In this webinar recording, we explain why a firewall is a must-have, and how to connect a pfSense firewall with AskoziaPBX.


#3 How to develop a softphone by using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK – Tutorial Part 3

Dig deeper:
This video demonstrates the final steps concerning to how to build a softphone by using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. This tutorial is the 3. part of a 3-part video tutorial series, in which you can learn how to create a call status display and how to add such an advanced SIP call control features as call transferring, call holding/unholding or redialing.

Having done these steps, let’s build more advanced projects: check example programs about how to build a webphone, a voice call recorder, an IVR voice menu system or a PBX:

Or let’s start softphone development at the beginning by watching the 1. part of the “How to develop a softphone by using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK” video tutorial series:

Get more information! After watching the video you may be interested in the following topics:

– How to controll calls with call transferring, call holding, redialing, etc:
– How to build such advanced VoIP features as conference calling or call recording to your softphone:
– How to send a SIP IM (Instant Message):

About the software:
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is a high-performance VoIP SDK for .NET developers that can be used to create such a powerful VoIP applications as a webphone, a softphone, an IVR menu system, a call center, a PBX or different kind of mobile technologies.

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How to connect a Gigaset DECT phone to a VOIP router

Depending on your country availability may differ, in the case of the US a popular alternative is the:
Gigaset C530 ➜
Yealink YEA-W56P ➜
Gigaset CL660HX ➜

———- Good to know ———-

In this video I will show you how to connect a DECT phone to a VOIP router.

When it comes to VOIP phones there is plenty of choice, and while the Gigaset CL660HX handset connects directly to a CAT-iq 2.0 capable router, such as the European version of my TP-Link AC1900, in the US the same router may lack that IP phone feature.

For that reason, depending on your country, it may make more sense to have a cordless VOIP phone that has its own base station. Both popular alternatives that I listed above, the Gigaset C530 and Yealink YEA-W56P come with their own base station. In that case, you just connect the base station to your router via a network cable.

This can even be an advantage since both base station and handset are from the same manufacturer and this ensures optimal interoperability. For example, I am currently not a fan of the TP-Link voice mail feature implemention, and I believe this feature would work much better if I had a dedicated base station.

Like with everything, VOIP is a learning process, so don’t be discuraged, just try different things and before you know it you will have become a VOIP expert.


GoAntiFraud: How to Start a VoIP GSM Termination Business

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We bring to your notice a cloud service created to do profitable business in the field of VoIP GSM termination. Our customers, working in 31 countries, managed to achieve success in the telecommunications industry, and you can become one of them! GoAntiFraud provides efficient tools that plausibly simulate human behavior in the GSM network and reliably protect your SIM-cards from being locked by AntiFraud systems. Sign up here → , to take advantage of a free 7-day trial. You will be able to test the capabilities of the service, and personally make sure that it is efficient!

Once connected to our cloud service, the terminator can remotely control his GSM gateways and SIM-banks. In addition, you can your VoIP-system computerized to save time and increase the productivity of VoIP equipment. Start making a killing right now by ordering NewBusiness →, a turnkey solution for beginners!

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Vodafone Free unlimited calling working Get Vodafone free calling minutes

Vodafone Free unlimited calling working Get Vodafone free calling minutes
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Feeling the heat from Jio’s unlimited free calls and to match up to the incumbent rivals, the second largest telcom operator Vodafone today announced unlimited free voice calls for its prepaid customers with the launch of two new packs.
Yesterday, the market leader Airtel and the number three player, Idea Cellular had launched many schemes to counter Jio’s tariff with free voice calls to prepaid customers and additional data. Both the companies had launched two identical schemes offering free calls and limited mobile Internet use priced at around Rs 150 and Rs 350 with 28 days validity, in their attempt to match the free 4G service from Reliance Jio.
Under the new plan, Vodafone is offering unlimited calling for recharges above Rs 144 and free roaming on Vodafone network and 50 Mb free data and for those above Rs 344 unlimited free calls and free roaming on all mobiles network and 300 mb free data for 4G handset users and 1 Gb data for 4G handset users.
The company said these plans are available for all 2G, 3G and 4G customers with a validity of 28 days, company’s chief commercial officer Sandeep Kataria said. Like other players, Vodafone also has vast majority of its 200 million customers in the prepaid schemes.
Both Airtel and Idea are providing 1GB of 4G data to customers with 4G handsets phone and 50 MB for non-4G mobile handset users under the plan. At lower amount of Rs 149 and Rs 148 respectively, Airtel and Idea has started offering free calls within their network. Both the companies will provide 300 MB of 4G data to customers with 4G mobile phone and 50 MB for non-4G mobile handset users under this plan.
Read: Airtel to Idea: Here are details of free voice calling offers for prepaid users
State-owned BSNL too has said it is considering new “less than” Rs 149 prepaid pack that will offer free calls to all networks from January. At present, Reliance Jio is offering free 4G mobile service including calls and data till end March. It has clocked 52 million customers in 83 days of its launch. These plans come close to proposed Rs 149 plan of Jio under which it will offer free calls to all network in the country for 28 days without any roaming charges. The plan includes 300 MB 4G data access during day and unlimited usage at night.
Besides this, Jio under the proposed plan will offer unlimited use of its music, movie, TV, news and all other apps, video call, SMS for free.
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Recently I visited Vodafone gallery at J.J.Road ,Mumbai 400008,There one attendant Mr.Selvaganapathy informed me that recharge scheme of Rs.144 has been discontinued by vodafone but I am finding it is still valid on internet, Similarly in a previous visit I was informed if I go for Prepaid connection I will have to make a recharge of 123/- Rs. per month to keep my Sim active , The staff at this particular branch of Vodafone is always misguiding customers ,I hope the company will take corrective measures to retain old customers of over 15 years like me , Thanks


Unboxing the Cisco ATA SP112 VOIP Adapter

Cisco ATA SP112 VOIP Adapter:

Bought it from PLE Computers ($75AUD):

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