Panasonic UT670 Touch-Screen Android SIP VoIP Phone

Introducing the Panasonic UT670, the latest addition to the SIP Terminals. This is a PoE, 7 inch touch-screen IP Phone with custom application opportunities to fit nearly any kind of vertical. Use this device as an executive level Desktop IP Phone or create your custom applications with your own program that developers can use utilizing the open API that is available. The 670 supports 720p video and HD audio plus the video takes you through all inputs and outputs of the device. All Panasonic SIP endpoints are Broadsoft and Asterisk certified.


Telekom VOIP SIP Account mit Zoiper einrichten

Detailanleitung im Blog:
Einen Voice over IP Telekomanschluss mit der SIP-Anwendung Zoiper nutzen. Die Einrichtung hat mich einige Nerven gekostet, deswegen habe ich dies als kleine Anleitung dokumentiert. Wir richten Zoiper für Windows und für Android ein.


VoIP Training – All about voice packets

A short trailer designed to give a sense of the level of comprehension Alta3 Research will bring into the classroom. Lecture taken from the VoIP training course. To enroll in this course, or to hire an Alta3 Research instructor for topics such as SIP, IMS, 4G/LTE, VoIP or telephony training visit


VoIP Supply Review | Digium A-Series IP Phones

Digium has released a brand new series of SIP phones to be used with any Asterisk-based phone system! Join Marc Spehalski as he goes under the hood and reveals the features and functionality of all four phones!

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Hi this is Mark back at the lab here at VOIP Supply and today we’re here to talk about the A-Series phones by Digium which is Digium’s latest affordable option for those who have asterisk-based phone systems. There’s four of them and they all have a lot of similarities but there’s a couple of interesting differences that we’re going to talk about. Let’s look at the first two phones in the offering, the A20 and the A22, let’s take a look.

So right off the bat, you’ll notice that the Digium A20 and A22 look identical, there is one main difference between the two in that the A22 has a gigabit port where the A20 has just a 10-100. If you’re going to be connecting your PC to a phone you’re probably going to want the gigabit if the phone is going to be standalone, the 10-100 is pretty much all you need for any kind of voice communication.

With most VOIP phones you have three-way conferencing and with the A20 and A22, you have two SIP registrations, which are marked here by line one and line two which really means SIP registration one and SIP registration two. We have a 2.8-inch color screen with soft keys on both and a directional pad which you’ll find on most phones for navigating the menu, other than that all your basic buttons, mute, voicemail button, headset, it does have electronic hook switch, Mute, redial and speakerphone.

Both phones have identical features. Taking a look at the back of the A20 it is identical to the A22 so we start with our power port, this is going to be a five volt DC, we have two switches 10-100 ports on the A20, it is gigabit on the A22. POE powered, we have our handset port and our headset port. The middle range of the Digium A series is the A25 which also gives you gigabit ports just like the A22 but there’s a couple of extra features here. We see prominently the BLF screen, there are six keys here and you can have up to 30 contacts and you can also have four SIP registrations.

Couple other important remarks as far as the A-Series goes, it is provisioned with the HP Options 66, TFTP and uses XML configuration. The phone does, of course, have a web interface so you can make configuration changes and make manual provisioning if you needed to.

Moving on to the top of the line of the Digium A series phone, the A30 has a 4.3 inch color screen which is quite a bit larger than the 2.8 inch on the other models, also you can have up to six SIP registrations and does sport a couple of extra feature keys, just makes it a bit more convenient when you want a specific function, other than that it’s pretty much similar in function to all of its other predecessors in the series. It’s also worth mentioning just like the A22 and A25 the A30 does also have Gigabit speed ports on the back.

That’s the Digium A series phones, they’re very attractive, professional looking phones that are built again specifically for Asterisk. If you’re in the market for phones just like these and you have an Asterisk phone system you can pick these up at VOIPSupply.Com, once again I’m Mark here in the lab at VOIP Supply, and remember, all we are is VOIP in the wind.

Video by: Stephen Lopian


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Security for SIP and VoIP Infrastructure

I’ll give an overview about some scenarios you might encounter when putting a SIP Service on the internet. There is a huge amount of people who benefit from insecure systems as well there are lots of people who want’s to press money on DOS Attacks. The methods which are used to search the internet for vulnerabilities are mainly pretty simple to protect for. I built a Honey Pot and searched for ways to protect the system. There are ways for protection and I’ll show some of them.


BSNL Wings Mobile App Activation and Calling | First look

This Video will explain about BSNL Wings Mobile Application Activation and First Look. Also explains about how to initiate a call and receive a call..
Web/Download URL

Grandstream Wave Android and iOS App link

How to Activate BSNL Wings Registration | Self Activation | Part-1

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Simple Explanation of VoIP

a basic, simple explanation of VoIP for a non-technical
person. Voice Over IP is rapidly changing the landscape of
voice telecommunications. The driving factor is how cheap
it is relative to traditional phone services. Roughly half
the cost or less!

Plus, VoIP is so much more powerful and agile than
traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). All those
bells and whistles you have to pay extra for with the phone
company (call waiting, Caller ID, 3-way calling, call
forwarding) – those are all included in the basic VoIP

Interested in getting VoIP service? here are two of my
favorite providers – I use them both.
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