Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Server einrichten und SIP Telefone und VoIP-Apps verbinden – F眉r Anf盲nger

In diesem Video zeigen wir, wie ein VoIP Sprachserver unter Windows installiert wird und wie die Telefone und Apps mit dem SIP Server gekoppelt werden. Alle Infos zur Einrichtung und Konfiguration gibt es hier: https://www.aeq-web.com/voip-sip-server-for-windows-setup/


How to Install Elastix SIP PBX | Elastix Installation | IP PBX | Free PBX Telephone Exchange – Urdu

How to Install Elastix | Elastix Installation | IP PBX | Free PBX Telephone Exchange ( Urdu / Hindi )

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zE77pqASqtuoaQnl6rwUsVzG15-vXNDn

IP Telephone Link: http://www.grandstream.com/products/ip-voice-telephony

Android SIP Telephone App Zoiper : https://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-softphone/download/current


How to Setup a VoIP Service with Your Ozeki Phone System XE, the Guide for Having a Wonderful System

Setting up a voip service is as easy as counting to ten. Ozeki Phone System XE’s modernity and flexibility always provides the best service.
Open this page: http://ozekiphone.com/how-to-setup-a-voip-service-462.html

VoIP is getting more and more unavoidable for businesses these days. The features that you and your business can wisely use may be the unlimited call plans, the virtual numbers, the call transfering, the call forwarding, voice mailig and e-mails.

Setting up VoIP services with Ozeki Phone System XE is almost like a children’s game. You can do it in a few minutes’ time with the help of the graphical user interface. The video shows the enitre process.


Enterprise Business and VoIP: Why Make The Switch? | With Jim Machi

Making the switch from traditional PSTN lines to VoIP is not always an easy process. There are a lot of factors and even more decisions to make.

So sit back and let Jim explain why now is the time to move your business to VoIP! If you still find you have more questions, our staff of veteran VoIP experts are always on call to help answer questions and build the solution that is right for your business! 1-800-398-8647.

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Jim Macchi: Hi. My name is Jim Machi. I’m the VP of marketing at Sangoma and also the general manager of the CCD Business Unit at Sangoma.

Many people will come to me and talk to me about IP. They’ve heard it at a trade show a long time ago, and it didn’t sound good. My answer to that is, probably when you heard it a long time ago, it probably didn’t sound good. But the world has changed. The industry has moved forward quite a bit in the last few years.

If you’re a business, and you’ve been thinking about making the switch to SIP Trunking or IP and just have been putting it off and putting it off, I think now’s the time you really want to do it. First of all, you can get SIP Trunking easily delivered to your business, so you don’t have to worry about how hard it might be. Go to Sangoma SIP Station. We can get a SIP Trunk into your enterprise.

You can save a lot of money per month by using that SIP Trunk, and you can keep your existing PBX. If you like your PBX, it’s been good for you, there have been no problems, it serves your business, you don’t want to have to buy new phones, you don’t want to have to throw the PBX out, you can keep all that existing equipment that you have and just connect it to the SIP Trunk with a gateway.

What a VoIP gateway does is basically connect the PSDN to the IP, and the gateway does the protocol handshakes, and changes, and transformations from the PSDN protocol to the IP protocol.

Many of the telecommunication vendors will have gateways, a VoIP gateway. Sangoma obviously has hardened the voice gateways for the enterprise. We have two types of gateways. One’s called a Vega gateway. That’ll be for a smaller or medium-sized business, just because of how many trunks it can handle or phone stations it can handle. Then there are also dialogic IMG gateways, which are for a larger size business or a contact center where you’re going to have a lot of phone calls happening at one time.

I said before, you probably have made IP phone calls and didn’t even know you made IP phone calls. That’s how good they are. Probably most of you have done it in some point of your career, and you didn’t even know it yet. There’s no reason to hold back on voice quality anymore with moving to an IP system.

Video by: Stephen Lopian


Indoor voip and sip ip intercom door phone

The Flush Mount Indoor VoIP Intercom. This would be mounted to a Dry Wall, Plasterboard type surface. The SIP Intercom connects to the IP Phone System, approved by Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel & 30+ more. The output Realy is DTMF controlled and does not need any tied in handsets. You simply use your IP Phones or Mobiles. We ship this product to the UK, EU and USA. See the product page and pricing here: http://www.ientrysystems.co.uk/product/cyberdata-011272-sip-voip-indoor-intercom-uk/?preview_id=8952&preview_nonce=6e961f7c41&preview=true


CUBE Configuration with SIP connection – Part-1 Design -CCIE

“CUBE Configuration with SIP connection – Part-1 Design”
Through this tutorial will explain how to configure Voice gateway from Cisco to work with SIP connection provided by ISP step by step.
I guarantee every one followed this tutorial will get a successfully connection with SIP Line 馃檪

Part-1 Design Issue

My LinkedIn : https://sa.linkedin.com/in/mohammad-k-saeed-04866847

My FB Cisco Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/438507132862835/?ref=bookmarks

My experience related to:

– Supervising on second fix stage (pulling Data Cables and Fiber Optic cable and termination).
– Prepare and finalize the physical Network stage, including the troubleshooting.
– Implementing and configuring Cisco IP phones (Manager, reception, wireless and basic phones)
– Install and configure CUCM (SUB and PUB) to fulfill the requirement of end user.
– Install and configure EsXi VMware for virtual appliances.
– Install and prepare UC servers by using CICM.
– Responsible for licensing of Network appliances.
– Install and configure WLC and APs (internal and external) connected to. Including troubleshooting and enhance the coverage and roaming better.
– Implement and configure the Layer3 Core switch 6509e (from zero stage until fulfill all network requirements which including VSS between Main and redundant core)
– Implement and configure the L2 switches (Port channels with core switches Main and redundancy)
– Install and configure Cisco Prime Infrastructure and make a wireless heat-map on it.
– Implement and configure Telepresence system.
– Install, implement and configure the IPTV system (prepare the servers and STB (set-top boxes)).
– Configure and prepare the HSIA server which belongs to IPTV system.
– Work with RMS (Room Management System) and BMS (Building Management System) which including the Integration with IP network.
– Configure of CCTV system, installation and implementations.
– Talented to lead the team to get a perfect result during site work.
Appliances and servers:
– 2960-s and 2960-x.
– 6509e (main and redundant)
– WLC 5508.
– APs 1142N, 1500E, 1602N.
– Gateway router 2951 series.
– ASA firewall 5520.
– UC servers UCS C210 M2 and UCS C200 M2
– Voice Gateway 2921.
– Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2.
– EX60 and EX90
Scope of design work:
– Responsible to work in Low level and high level design for networking
– Work on preparing BoQ of Cisco Networking components for several projects
– Work with Low current system design

Please watch: “How to configure IP phones Locally and remotely (VoIP) HD”

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Vancouver Business Phone Systems TMSI Education Channel – How to use Samsung VoIP Phones

Vancouver Business Phone Systems Education Channel –

How to use Samsung VoIP Phones

Four Reasons for finally making the move to SIP telecom PBX systems that allow remote workers to operate from their homes.
1.800.667.2818 www.tmsi.ca Tom MacDonald