FlexiSPY – Monitoring Software – Features: VOIP Recording, 2018

By watching this video and using a really cool piece of software called FLEXISPY you too can record any VOIP call using it.

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Keep Your ITSP VoIP Company Alive with AI, IoT, Cyber Security

Keep Your ITSP VoIP Company Alive with AI, IoT, Cyber Security, Business CRM per Tehrani, Duffet & Moshe

The founder of Skype said that telecom is 100 years old, and telephone numbers will be dead soon, but they are still not dead. The reason that they are not dead is that nobody actually killed them. How do you keep your Internet Telephony Service Provider and Cloud Communications business alive? Join the conversation with TMC’s Rich Tehrani, Mongotel’s Moshe BT, Asterisk’s David Duffet and DIDX’s Suzanne Bowen.

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1st Generation MagicJack vs Latest New MagicJackGo VOIP Comparison 2016

1st Generation MagicJack vs Latest New MagicJackGo VOIP Comparison 2016!

Unboxing FREE Magic Jack Slim Power Bank: https://youtu.be/kiPbKfogZmU

Unboxing MagicJackGo: https://youtu.be/iiuvqHdlWQU

1st Gen MagicJack vs Latest MagicJackGo: https://youtu.be/E3YWk28q6fs

Vonage vs MagicJackGo Comparisons: https://youtu.be/tn1qP3NV6zw

Business companies should look into this little gadget and save big bucks! Cover USA & Canada! Plug it in and start saving! 30-Day trial period!

Intro Designed by Joseph Hung
Outro Designed by Jason


Free Calls with Tpad and ZoIPer VoIP Softphone

Make Free / Cheap International Calls to any landline or mobile in the World using Tpad and the Free ZoIPer SIP Softphone. Simply create a free Tpad VoIP Account at Tpad.com and download the ZoIPer Softphone from ZoIPer.com and then you can instantly make Free VoIP / SIP Calls or Ultra Cheap International Calls.

Download a selection of Free Softphones / Diallers at

In celebration of our new YouTube Channel, we have create a number of Tpad Accounts with Free Credit on them, keep watching our videos for more “hidden” clues as to where they are located.


Скачать Skype, Viber, Whatsapp альтернативы бесплатно. Защищённая и безопасная ip телефония. VoIP.

Альтернатива Skype, Viber, Whatsapp. Защищённая и безопасная ip телефония, VoIP, SIP. TOX, RetroShare, Ring, Jitsi, Mumble, Ostel.
Wire, Signal, Plumble WebRTC, Ekiga, Twinkle, Linphone, MicroSIP…
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Skype vs Facetime vs Hangouts | Explained!

The differences between the three most popular VoIP Phone Replacement Services. Skype is my preference due to its 1080p video and more than one person functionally. FaceTime is preferred among my friends who only want to call one person at a time, and Hangouts is preferred by my friends that Youtube and want to put what they are saying onto their channel. This Skype vs FaceTime vs Hangouts video should explain and settle the disputes as to which one is the best for your needs.

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