Free Calls with Tpad and ZoIPer VoIP Softphone

Make Free / Cheap International Calls to any landline or mobile in the World using Tpad and the Free ZoIPer SIP Softphone. Simply create a free Tpad VoIP Account at and download the ZoIPer Softphone from and then you can instantly make Free VoIP / SIP Calls or Ultra Cheap International Calls.

Download a selection of Free Softphones / Diallers at

In celebration of our new YouTube Channel, we have create a number of Tpad Accounts with Free Credit on them, keep watching our videos for more “hidden” clues as to where they are located.


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Skype vs Facetime vs Hangouts | Explained!

The differences between the three most popular VoIP Phone Replacement Services. Skype is my preference due to its 1080p video and more than one person functionally. FaceTime is preferred among my friends who only want to call one person at a time, and Hangouts is preferred by my friends that Youtube and want to put what they are saying onto their channel. This Skype vs FaceTime vs Hangouts video should explain and settle the disputes as to which one is the best for your needs.

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Gameplay Capture – How To Separate Game, VOIP & Mic Audio

You captured some epic gameplay, but had that recording ruined by someone yelling in discord?
In this video I will show you how you can easily avoid this problem without spending a single cent on new audio hardware or software!

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Make Free Calls to Phones Over the Internet (VOIP)

This will show you how to call phone numbers for free, all you need is an internet connection, this is really free and if you use a combination of the 2 options it will be unlimited calls as well. If you want to send SMS Text Messages you can use AIM 6.9.
Skype Download
VOIP Buster Download
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IS DISCORD REALLY THE BEST? – Voice Chat Platform Showdown

The voice chat scene has long been dominated by TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Skype. Discord aims to change that, but is it really up to snuff?

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أنشأ شركة الاتصال الخاصة بك على حاسوبك Crée votre propre VOIP réseaux téléphonique

السلام عليكم
شرح بسيط لكيفية انشاء شبكة اتصالات مصغرة (500 شخص) على خاسوبك مثل viber أو Skype
Une petite leçon pour faire un réseaux de communication VoIP comme viber ou skype
البرامج المستعملة Programmes
1- server
2- CSipSimple


How to Make Free VoIP Calls with Tpad

How to Make Free / Low Cost Calls anywhere in the World with Tpad:

1. Create a Free Tpad Account –

2. You will then receive your Tpad VoIP / SIP Details including your very own Internet Telephone Number. e.g. 1700012

3. Enter your account details into any VoIP Device (Softphone / IP Phone / ATA / WiFi Mobile or any Mobile using the Free Nimbuzz or Fring Software)

4. Download Free PC Softphone / Dialler (Xlite / Ninja / ZoIPer / SJphone):

5. Make a Free Test Call anywhere in the World – dial in full international format (00+Country Code + Area Code + Number) e.g. 0092800666666

6. Buy Tpad Card / Call Credit without Credit Card, just using cash from cashu or Ukash:

Pakistan Special Offer, call Pakistan for only 3 cent USD$ per minute:

Buy Credit using Moneybookers / Paypal / Google checkout / Ukash / Cashu / Credit Card – login to your account and select buy credit

7. You can then dial any landline / mobile in the World. (00+Country Code + Area Code + Number) e.g. 0092800666666

8. Get your friends to join Tpad for Free and then you can ring each others Tpad Telephone Number (SIP) for Free no matter where they are in the World.

Other benefits of Tpad:

How to use your Mobile with Tpad using Free Fring Software:

How to use your Mobile with Tpad using Free Nimbuzz Software:

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VoIP Device Setup Guides:

Free VoIP Softphones for your PC (turn your PC into a 2nd phone line):