International Criminal Harassment

Google the term VoIP, spoofing and swatting. This was criminal misuse of VoIPing programs.
NOTE: Due to ongoing investigation, legal advice is to remove the phone number of the innocent pizza parlor on my caller ID.
An Ontario woman, who has harassed me, found my full name, address and phone number on the Internet and using an Internet service to “spoof” me, has called me at night, seemingly from a local pizza parlor. She also called the pizza parlor and their caller ID displayed my home number and she ordered two small pepperoni pizzas to my house. Ugh, I’m a vegetarian. They weren’t real happy, making and delivering pizzas for no pay!
In addition, she’s tried to create an account of me on Facebook and she send me a email, in an attempt to mess with my email service. Didn’t work, but still!!!
She had the nerve to make a crack about my then 8 year old grandson, who features in two of my videos.
I am friends with a man she took criminal advantage of last year and she’s angry about my support of him and she’s trying to scare me off. She has done other things to at least two people who made kind comments to our mutual friend.
This behavior is criminal activity!
Oh yes, she’s making comments about my Archie on YouTube!
Vennie and Archie