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VideoTutorial – Come Sostituire il Tim Hub con il Fritz!Box7590 – con Fibra FTTH di Tim:


Vancouver Business Phone Systems TMSI Education Channel – How to use Samsung VoIP Phones

Vancouver Business Phone Systems Education Channel –

How to use Samsung VoIP Phones

Four Reasons for finally making the move to SIP telecom PBX systems that allow remote workers to operate from their homes.
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Provisioning The Polycom VVX 410 With FreePBX Endpoint Manager | VoIP Supply

Join Senior VoIP Engineer Marc Spehalski as he Provisions a Polycom VVX 410 using FreePBX Endpoint Manager.

Hi, I’m Marc Spehalski, Senior VoIP Engineer at VoIP Supply. Today, we’re going to be doing a demonstration of Sangoma’s Endpoint Manager for FreePBX, which is a commercial module that allows you to provision multiple brands of phones, on the FreePBX platform. Today, we’re going to be doing the Polycom VVX 410, which is straight out of our Refresh stock. Lets go a head and start the configuration, then we’ll plug the phone in, and provision it.

Endpoint Manager is a commercial module by Sangoma. It’s about seventy-five dollars, but for that, you get the ability to auto-provision multiple brands of phones, which is a huge value for anyone deploying a lot of phones, or even a lot of phones of various models.

To get started with Endpoint Manager, in FreePBX, we go to settings, and Endpoint Manager. In Endpoint Manager, we can see the brands that have already been added. These are a couple different brands that I provisioned in the VoIP Supply Lab, today we’re going to be provisioning a Polycom VVX 410, so we need to add the Polycom brand. When you add a brand you’re building a base template for any Polycom phone that’s supported by Endpoint Manager. Just going to call this Polycom for now.

Destination address, make sure this is the IP address of your phone system. So this is our internal IP. Be sure to correct our time zone. And the rest of this I’m going to leave as default. Our provisioning server is going to be the same IP address as our PBX, and we’re going to be using TFTP for phone provisioning. Our DHP server is set up with option sixty-six to point phones towards the TFTP server.

Another thing we’re going to check are the global settings. Make sure all these parameters are correct for your network. Our internal IP address is correct, the external IP is not correct currently, but we will not be using remote phones, so this really doesn’t matter right now.

Phone admin password is something you’re going to want to pay attention to. In Polycom, the default admin password is four, five, six. It will now be replaced when provisioned with six two’s. User password will be preplaced with one’s. Lets just save global, next lets configure the four-ten model. Lets go back into the Polycom brand. Scroll down and select the VVX 410, and we’ll create a template, for now, a phone with just one line key.

Next, we will map a extension that we have prebuilt with the physical phone, so we’ll go to extension mapping. Click, add extension, scroll down, and select the extension you’ve created, we have seven-three-six, our brand is Polycom. We’ll put in the MAC address, and select your model, VVX 410. FreePBX has built our configuration file, so the next step is to plug in the phone.

Now that we have the configuration built for the Polycom VVX410, let’s plug it in and let it auto provision. You might have noticed that the phone didn’t actually auto provision, and this might happen to you. Let me show you how to fix it.

Hit the home button, go to settings, advanced, four, five, six is the password, administration settings, network configuration, provisioning server, make sure your type is set to trivial FTP, or TFTP, go to DHP menu, make sure we are using option sixty-six only. Hit back twice, three times, save config. The phone will reboot, and next time it boots we should have a provisioned phone.

You can see the phone is now registered, so I will place a quick test call to the echo test. And there you have it.

As you can see, it was a pretty simple process provisioning the Polycom VVX 410 with Sangoma’s Endpoint Manager for FreePBX. You’ll notice I did not put the handset on the phone, which is typical of a deployment or a provisioning of a large amount of phones. We do offer a provisioning service at VoIP Supply for any new phone system purchases through us, where we’ll actually unbox the phone, upgrade the firmware, and put a configuration on it for the phone system. For any questions regarding our provisioning services call us at 1-800-398-VoIP or visit us at Once again, I’m Marc Spehalski, Senior VoIP Engineer at VoIP Supply, thanks for watching.

VoIP Supply is a leading Internet retailer of voice over IP hardware, with over one hundred and twenty-five thousand customers worldwide. Click subscribe to stay up to date on the latest from VoIP Supply and VoIP technology. Thanks for watching.

Video By: Stephen Lopian


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VoIP Insider | VoIP Feature: Find Me Follow Me

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