Telekom VOIP SIP Account mit Zoiper einrichten

Detailanleitung im Blog:
Einen Voice over IP Telekomanschluss mit der SIP-Anwendung Zoiper nutzen. Die Einrichtung hat mich einige Nerven gekostet, deswegen habe ich dies als kleine Anleitung dokumentiert. Wir richten Zoiper für Windows und für Android ein.


ObiHai Obi200 Review – Block Spam Phone Calls & Cut the Landline Bill with Google Voice!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Obi200 connects your landline phones to a free Google Voice account and other Internet voice providers. It’s a free landline service replacement with options to block spam callers. Subscribe for more!

00:57 – Hardware overview
01:15 – Set up process
02:46 – Example of Google Voice outbound call
03:32 – Google Voice overview
05:40 – Google Voice new interface
06:06 – Using Google Voice for centralized cell phone voice mail
06:43 – How Google Voice handles calls
06:59 – Obihai simplifies outbound call process
07:25 – Google Voice requires a cell phone or landline to set up
08:03 – Switching to legacy interface for more features
08:44 – Configuring linked phones
09:12 – Configuring linked phone ring schedule
10:00 – Voice mail configuration
10:58 – Call screening options
12:12 – How to prevent and block junk calls and telemarketers
13:38 – Choosing what calls to allow through with groups
15:30 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Find it at Newegg for international sales: (affiliate link)

Devices that connect old (and new) analog telephones to the internet are nothing new. In fact I was playing with them twenty years ago. But now there are plenty of VOIP providers, many of which are compatible with this Obihai box. Think of these devices as cord cutting devices for your telephone. The Obi200 supports four different services at the same time in addition to its own device-to-device service.

But what really makes this item interesting is its official support for Google Voice. Here in the US Google Voice is completely free of charge with unlimited calling throughout the United States. Replacing your landline service with the Obi200 will save me at least $40 a month on phone service without even factoring in the cost of long distance calls. Those outside the US can choose from a number of services that are also compatible with the device (it should work with most SIP providers).

But Google Voice is more powerful than just a dial tone. Because it can also be configured to filter out and block calls from telemarketers and robo calls. In this video I show you how to set up a process to hand pick who can ring your home phone. Everyone else goes to voicemail.

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Simple Explanation of VoIP

a basic, simple explanation of VoIP for a non-technical
person. Voice Over IP is rapidly changing the landscape of
voice telecommunications. The driving factor is how cheap
it is relative to traditional phone services. Roughly half
the cost or less!

Plus, VoIP is so much more powerful and agile than
traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). All those
bells and whistles you have to pay extra for with the phone
company (call waiting, Caller ID, 3-way calling, call
forwarding) – those are all included in the basic VoIP

Interested in getting VoIP service? here are two of my
favorite providers – I use them both.
8×8 –




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VoIP MN Internet Phone Nextera Communications VoIP in Minnesota VoIP MN Internet phone service from Nextera Communications is available in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area and cities across Minnesota such as Brainerd, St. Cloud and Duluth, MN.

Nextera’s VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a revolutionary new phone service that allows you to make and receive calls using your broadband internet connection (high-speed internet such as a cable modem Digital Subscriber Line-DSL, T-1, Fractional T-1 or T-3) instead of your standard analog phone line. Simply, Nextera converts your phone calls into data that quickly transmit through your high speed internet connection. It comes out the other end just like a regular phone call. Replace your current phone company (or add a line) and get great features like Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding at no additional cost. You can also pick an anywhere number, regardless of where you are located, or transfer your current number to Nextera.
To use Nextera service, you connect your telephone to your high-speed internet connection using the phone adapter that we send you. Installation takes only a few minutes. You then send and receive calls like you normally do.
Nextera Communications offers voip internet phone service across the Twin Cities metropolitan area in cities such as Minnetonka, Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Roseville.


What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP converts voice into data, and uses a Internet connection to send and receive calls. VoIP has many benefits over traditional phone lines and can radically reduce costs and improve efficiency. Learn more about VoIP:


Introducing the upcoming Snom D735 VoIP desktop phone [english]

Following on from last time and as promised, we’re back with another unboxing – this time for the upcoming Snom D735 VoIP phone.

Like the Snom D785 VoIP phone, the D735 boasts many of those nifty and practical features from the Snom D785 such as the Smart Transfer and Call Conferencing tool as well as a proximity sensor to help control and better display on-screen content as you use the phone.

Discover more about pascom:


Telos VX VoIP for Streamlining Live Video / TV Production

Embrace the change to VoIP for television news gathering, sports, and live production. Replace aging POTS and ISDN infrastructure with SIP / VoIP broadcast systems. The new equipment can pay for itself in short order and provide clearer communications. Direct connection to AoIP systems as well as easy integration with older intercom and broadcast audio systems is being done right now. Martin Dyster, VP of the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group, explains how moving to a Telos VX VoIP broadcast system saves money and gives greater quality and flexibility.