[part 07] Choosing a VoIP PBX for business phone system: why FreePBX?

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I chose FreePBX as the PBX to use for the smallbusiness phone system we will be setting up here. Why did I choose FreePBX? Why do I believe it is a good choice?

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VoIP Portal – Introduction

Introducing the new VOIP portal from Cincinnati Bell Business! In an effort to enhance customer experience, Cincinnati Bell Business has made significant upgrades to your communications portal. The new design is user-friendly and intuitive to help make administrative tasks and the user experience easy and stress-free. The new portal supports our Connected Office Voice services.


Convert traditional pbx to use voip lines cisco linkys grandstream ATA analog to digital

We will show you how to get rid of those expensive land lines and move to voip phone lines. We recommend two devices Cisco spa8000 and Grandstram ATA 8 port device. You will be able to keep your traditional pbx and use much less expensive voip lines.


Our Radio Died!!! – VOIP Only – DayZ

Aces and I are limited to using the Radio and direct communication (voip) during a hostile encounter at the NWAF. We have to use our knowledge of the map and trusting each others movements to make it out alive. Can we do it?


Mayorista de minutos VoIP, como emprender el negocio con éxito.

Si deseas trabajar vendiendo como mayoreo los minutos que te sobran o que no te demandan los clientes en tu mercado local, esta es la oportunidad de aprender cómo se vende en el mercado internacional los minutos de VOIP. Sólo debes saber cómo se paga, hablar un poco de inglés (puedes usar traductor también), saber cómo subir listas de precios en Excel. Financiar al cliente una semana con tu tráfico y trata de hacer swapping de minutos, el llamado canje, es decir , que tu le vendas a ellso y que ellos te vendan a ti. Con ello y si eres una persona capaz de crear relaciones de largo plazo, este es el negocio ideal para ti. Por otro lado si deseas que www.reyvoip.com te venda los minutos, con mucho gusto realizaremos esa gestión con nuestros clientes.


How to start VoIP Wholesale Business in 2018

The latest and the greatest on How to start VoIP Wholesale Business in 2017. I explain the shortcuts and the tools that you need to get started in 2017 aggregating minutes, Buying and Selling VoIP Termination minutes immediately. 1 Hour free consultancy promo available at the end of the video.